The ABROUN-CASPIAN Group is one of the active companies in export and import fields with the use of technical knowledge and specialist forces. We have been offering import and export services and goods such as Oil Cake, fatty acid, wheat, fertilizer, sulfur, bitumen, stones, perfume and hydrocarbons in best conditions and shortest time for our customers since 2011.

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Determined by iranian customs department, commercial goods are those sort of goods that are imported to or exported from Iran for sale purposes. The merchandise can be sold in the original form or after being manufactured, disassembled and packaged. Therefore, the merchant who imports the goods, purchases merchandise regarding to the purchase venues and conditions that were previously foreseen and investigated in various ways. Buying processes are from foreign markets and through international exhibitions, research brochures and iranian chamber of commerce or through the Internet.

Customs fees are those that are assigned to customs for certain services such as evacuation, shipping, loading and unloading, warehouse, lab and customs clearance in accordance with the rates determined by the Cabinet of Ministers seperately for each of these items. Organizations or individuals who assume some of these matters (excluding tariffs e.g. livelihood services exclusively required by the Customs) may not be related to government or state-dependent. In other words, these services may be entrusted to the private sector or with the participation of a government agency. Sine this is about commodity clearance and customs declarations, customs fees are charged regardless of whether a public or private individual, is responsible for these services.

According to the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, import or issue of certain goods is prohibited. Some of these goods include: alcoholic beverages, gambling, firearms, drugs, publicatories, any goods and texts that are in conflict with religious and national standards of the country, or the disruption of public order and national chastity, goods which are prohibited legally or is prohibited by the Customs Tariff Schedule.

Commercial profit is the amount of money determined by the law of the foreign trade monopoly in accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers. In fact, to have a comprehensive definition of the term “commercial profit”, we should define it along with customs duties and incoming rights in order to better determine the role of commercial profit in Iran’s foreign trade. Commercial profit is a type of receipt by the customs, the amount of which is determined by the government and the customs officer is responsible to put on imported goods to Iran.

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Supplying customers for import and export of goods such as Oil Cake, Fatty Acid, Wheat, fertilizer, sulfur, bitumen, stones, perfume and hydrocarbons in best conditions and shortest time for customers.

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